Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A totally new approach to gun control

For at least eight decades we have been trying to control crime through the use of police power.  Every year or so some evil or crazy individual takes it upon himself to go out and kill as many of his neighbors as he can.  Immediately there is an outcry for “something to be done!”  The general theme of the actions sought is “getting rid of the guns” through the passage of yet another law.

We have now restricted the Right to Carry in every state in the Union to one degree or another, some to the point of making the carry of a firearm nearly impossible.  For whatever reasons, these efforts have been a miserable failure.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So without going into huge efforts to prove the above point since other have and will continue to argue that until the end of time, I would like to propose a completely different approach to the issue of crazy and evil people here in America who seem to think it’s ok to kill and main at their whim.

Solution: Cancel the restrictions on carry for all law abiding Americans and actually mandate that each able bodied American carry a firearm whenever they leave their home.  With low cost firearms available such as the High Point line where you can purchase a .40 caliber handgun for under $150 and holsters going for less than $30 a person can easily have a functional firearm for the cost of the average cell phone bill.

DHS has several hundred MILLION .40 rounds available so perhaps they can make them available and also arrange for training at local ranges for all comers.

Needless to say, it will be a very busy first year at emergency rooms and morgues as the law abiding citizens in America deal with those stupid, crazy or evil enough to act out on their impulses. 

I believe that within a year, the available pool of crazy and evil people will be thinned to a completely tolerable level and our society will have become a far nicer place to live.  Bad neighborhoods in Chicago, DC or LA?  Well, if the people who actually desire peace and safety are enabled to functionally defend themselves, these gangs and thugs will disappear.  This will also work on robbery, home invasions, rape, kidnapping, assault, mass shootings and terrorist attacks.

In nearly all of the mass shootings in the past decade there was no one there to defend the people from the actions of the crazy or evil.  When there was an armed American, the shooters were stopped far short of their intended goal. 

This solution would mandate an immediate response by the people themselves.  Yes, people will be hurt and some will die.  We are dying today.  We are not safe.  Our police are merely there to catch the bad guy AFTER the act is complete.  Too little, too late.  Yes, there will be abuse.  Fact of life.  But at least everyone will be on an even playing field.


  1. While it may come to this, isn't this the "wild west" that so many anti's keep squalling about?
    Do they need any more "sound bites" to try and bolster their positions?

  2. The point of my post is that we have tried the "anti's" way for 80 years and we have just as much crime and violence.

  3. Actually the "Wild West" wasn't really that wild, mostly bda guy killing bad guy and a woman could walk alone at night without fear. This idea has merit and I have supported something like this for years, just haven't put it out like this. Well done, sir, well done.

  4. Wow! So what is your proposed age of carrying a gun going to be in this new world? Five, when Kindergarten starts in case there is a school shooting so my 30-pound baby girl can fight back?

    Backpack check list: Peanut butter sandwich, crayons, glock.

    1. Regarding the age of carry, When I joined the Army oh those many years ago, I was 17.5 years old. I never killed anyone or went crazy. My 9 year old has had a BB gun since he was 6 and he shoots our rifles every time we head out to the range. Gun safety starts at home.

      The article is more of talking about another approach since what we are doing is clearly not working.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply!