Thursday, July 26, 2012

A man's relationship to his government

“Power on an ancient consecrated throne,
Strong in possession, founded in old custom;
Power by a thousand tough and stringy roots,
Fixed to the people’s pious nursery-faith.”

I have not found a better description of our relationship to our government.  I have no idea who Schiller was but he wrote a play and this was in it. 

Power has been placed on a throne here in America.  It is more than a tool, it is the goal for many who “serve” in government.

That power is strong in it’s possession of our land.  It will not willingly surrender it’s grip on us or our children.

The mere fact of it’s existence is founded in custom: there has always been government, there must always be government.

Since it’s inception, it has driven it’s roots into every aspect of our lives: home, faith, business, recreation, procreation, education, health, death, land, air, space, water, etc…  These roots are proof against any one man’s efforts to dislodge.  The entire nation has been unable to dislodge a single one once set in place.

And the last line is the kicker.  The very power that has ensnared us is fixed in our collective and childlike faith.  Faith in someone watching over us?  Someone who will save us?  Someone who will pick us up when we fall and set us back on the right path?  Hardly.

We will have to come to grips with our own “nursery-faith” and our personal choice to trust in those in power.  We are raised to do so but in our best interest we need to re-examine that relationship...

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