Thursday, April 26, 2012

The legitimacy of true Choice in our election process.

“Cherish therefore the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, judges and governors shall all become wolves. 
                                                            Thomas Jefferson
                                                            Letter to Edward Carrington

Let me start here, I am no scholar and I hold no official higher learning degrees.  I am not a professional politician or a member of any political party.  I am the proud Husband of my dear Wife and the Father of our four sweet kids.  I work for a living and we make hard choices when the bills come due.  I have honorably served in the United States Army and I am an American, a Citizen of the State of Washington.

Over the past ten years, I have been learning much of the intended functions of our Constitutional Republic.  I listen to the Declaration of Independence regularly.  I have and continue to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights often.  I have reviewed Amendments 11-27 numerous times.  I have read many speeches and letters written by those men who shaped the original government we were meant to live with.  They had an idea, a perishable vision of a land of free men, able to morally govern themselves.

Today, I find little of that vision actually still exists.  These long dead men warned us of the consequences of our lack of involvement and oversight in our government, regardless of the excuse.  Today, we bear the burdens of a government ignored and left to run itself by generations of neglect.  It has passed into the hands of those who would consume us and we live today in a land full of men who have never truly known Freedom as the Framers viewed it.

We are educated from birth to accept certain things as truth and most never question the intentions of these messages or the people who do the teaching. 

Here are some of those messages:
            We live in a democracy. 
            People are generally good. 
            Authority is good and trustworthy. 
            Put your trust in banks. 
            Debt is acceptable. 
            Obey the police without question. 
            Follow all laws and do not question who, what or why lies behind them. 
            Our leaders deserve our respect and trust.  
            Those who serve in government are the best among us.
            Only an expert can truly understand our government.
            Media is truth.
            The right election will fix all this.

How many of these statements above do you consciously agree with?  Why?  How about looking in the mirror and asking yourself if that belief was ingrained or indoctrinated as a child and has long remained unquestioned?  And should you question it?

The qualifications of self-government in society are not innate.  They are the result of habit and long training, and for these they will require time and probably much suffering.”            
                                                            Thomas Jefferson
                                                            Writings Vol. 14, p. 22

How many of you men and women have ever read a book, watched a video or listened to a speech that truly challenged your worldview?  Would you ever read a book like Thoreau’s “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience” that proposes having an undue respect for government and it’s laws may be a bad thing if those laws are immoral?  Or “Nullification” by Thomas Woods which examines in depth the concept of true State Sovereignty in regards to nullification of unconstitutional laws and federal actions?  Have you studied the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  Do you really understand the Ninth and Tenth Amendments in the Bill of Rights and where those should protect you and even your State?

I’m not picking on you, I’m asking you to think for yourselves.  For the last year we have been led to believe that this election will save or doom America.  That media driven line is a lie.  Looking at the government lined out in the Constitution and then honestly comparing it to what we live under, and in subjection to, today leaves an honest man with a dilemma.  The two are clearly not the same.  America, the Constitutional Republic, is no more.

I am more and more convinced that man is a dangerous creature; and that power, whether vested in many or a few, is ever grasping, and like the grave, cries “Give, give!”” 
                                                            Abigail Adams
                                                            Letter to her husband
                                                            27 Nov 1775

224 Years ago, a contract was signed by men sent to represent 13 Sovereign Nation States.  It was proposed that this Constitution would work for a period of time and would be far better than it’s predecessor, the Confederacy of the States.  And it was better in most men’s minds.  And also, it did last for a small period of years in an undamaged form.

It created the Agent of the States, an artificial construct that would work at the clear direction of the States WHO CREATED IT.  The concept that it would have a will of it’s own was not intended.  Neither was the creation of a powerful central national government. 

Federal defined: A group of sovereign States or Nations, who willingly submit a portion of their self-governance to a central body for the benefit of all. 

The Constitution was based on the idea that a moral and educated people should be able to govern themselves and it provided the tools for that concept to work.  The men who wrote it were fallible and completely human and yet they were able to create something far better than any other form of government before seen.

The Framers knew that their creation was flawed as it was created by man and would be managed by man.  But they pinned their hopes on the idea that a correctly educated people, those who knew the civics of their government, would be able, if they remained alert and aware, to stop any attacks on the forms the Framers created.

Those signatures on the Constitution came with many warnings from the very men who formed the body who created it.  They warned about specific dangers from political parties, banks and financiers, regional disputes, desire for empire, ignorance, immorality and many others.  In my readings, we as a nation have fallen prey to all they warned us about and more.

Unscrupulous men rapidly sought to undermine the protections guarding their neighbor’s Freedom.  They worked to empower a strong, all-powerful, integrated central government where none was intended.  The process of twisting the government from a chained tool to a tool of enslavement took only a few generations. 

By Lincoln’s day, the central government had reached into many areas, uninvited and unwelcome.  It asserted power where none should exist and willfully overrode the will of the People.  It even killed them when they resisted it’s illegal and unconstitutional demands.

In Wilson’s time, the vision of a republic was lost and he was able to push out an image of a free democracy where each man had a voice in the government.  While teaching this lie, he worked to ensnare the government to the will of the central banks via the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment.  When the war came he seized powers and created government where none should be to fight a war that was not in the best interest of the American People.  That power grab, like all those before and since, has never been ceded back to the people.

Throughout the days of FDR, the chains of true bondage were forged and the People were made ready to be completely enslaved.  He worked with compliance from a willing Congress to nationalize some industry, force unions on the People, seize assets, enforce compliance and repress dissent.  He damaged what was left of the balance of power by packing the Supreme Court with like-minded individuals.  His regime jailed men for failure to or unwillingness to comply with his dictates.  After the war started, it was even worse.

Today we worship these men.  One “Saved the Union and freed the slaves!”  The second “Saved our monetary systems and gave us the Federal Reserve to protect us.”  While the last “Brought us through the Great Depression and won the largest war ever fought by man!” 

Lincoln freed no slaves.  The People through their Agent, the States, freed the slaves with a Constitutional Amendment.  He no more saved the Union than an abusive husband does, when finding his run-away wife, beats her senseless and chains her in the house until she finally submits to his “authority” has saved his marriage.  He used tyrannical powers, he jailed judges and the press, sent the military to fire on protesters in several major cities in the North, embraced fiat currency to finance a war he originally said he would not fight and started a war with sovereign nations that resulted in 400,000 Americans dead.

Wilson’s bank has completely destroyed the value of the American man’s life energy.  That fiasco, when combined with the IRS, created a huge sucking vortex that devours the life energy of men and women throughout their entire lives.  Wilson’s view of democracy has wrongfully prevailed and even today skews the ability of Americans to understand the nation they live in.

“The world must be made safe for democracy.”
                                                            Woodrow Wilson
                                                            War Address to Congress
                                                            1 Apr 1917

“The world was never more unsafe for democracy than it is today.”
                                                            Stanley Baldwin
                                                            Speech at House of Commons
                                                            12 Mar 1935

FDR railed against fascism all throughout his terms in office.  Yet, by definition, he himself was a fascist.  He sought total control over private business and personal affairs.  While he fell short of total control, he severely damaged this nation at its core: the People and their view of the nation. 

I would like to say that I have hope in the light of that last sentence but I do not.  It is not that the people resisted his attempts, it just that the energy in the system was too strong to be completely changed in one decade.  His immense control over the government surpassed what most monarchs wished they had. 

We live with the echoes of his actions today.   I see such a degradation of the character of man even in my home town.  I hear such foolish prattle about politics and politicians as if they are a better breed of man, more superior and able to change reality.  The people I speak with are all too likely to just accept the messages they are fed from media and just acquiesce to the whim of their rulers.

“Power gradually extirpates from the mind every humane and gentle virtue.”
                                                            Edmond Burke
                                                            A Vindication of Natural Society

And then we sit and bicker, send in our money, and eventually vote for the men who someone else put up for us to choose between.  Here’s the question, “Who chose these men and women as my only realistic choices?”  Then having asked that, ask this, “Why should I surrender my government to men I never would have chosen to speak to or socialize with in the first place?”  Dangerous question, that one…

These men and women are acceptable to the system that is in place to control our nation.  That even means Ron Paul.  They have all been vetted by this system and stand as no threat to it.  They are allowed to run and some are even allowed to win.  But they are not allowed to change or damage the system in any way to bring more Freedom to those who elected them. 

We as a nation, regardless of party, put our irreplaceable life energy into these elections.  We expend our time, spend our money (and thus waste more of our life energy), annoy and sometimes damage relationships with family and friends, restrict our activities and separate ourselves from actions and groups who might actually help us recover our lost Freedom.  All in the name of these “free elections…”

Let’s delve into your personal history a bit.  What President has acted to restore Freedom and self determination to the People IN YOUR LIFETIME?  How about a Congress that actively sought to free the People?  Any of them ever dismantle a bureaucracy that repressed Freedom?  How about an unconstitutional department?  Anyone?  Just one man who acted to make the people more reliant on themselves and less reliant on the government?  Come on, there has to be at least one who did something good…

Sorry, time’s up.  It does not happen.  Those in power never willingly surrender that power.  It’s a law, like gravity.  They only surrender it when threatened by effective force.

The thought that we will be able to “vote the bums out” is a foolish one in light of the last 150 years of US history.  The true tyrants are not up for re-election as they are not necessarily part of the government.  And the thought that a single president will be able to resist those in power and push this nation back to a moral center is crazy.  He/she cannot control the moral character of this country.  Should he truly try to free the people, he will be dissuaded or killed.  And it seems that the only power a President and to an greater degree, the Congress, actually has is one of making things worse for the People.

Looking back, I don’t see much difference between the so-called opposing parties.  They are like two basketball teams running the ball back and forth but they always run up the score…  And we watch.  And we despise the other team and their supporters.  And we pay money for the privilege of watching a pointless game…

Parties are a control mechanism.  They exist as a place for the People to put their attention, their extra money and their irreplaceable life energy.  These resources are completely wasted, thoroughly expended and not truly invested for any useful and Freedom expanding purpose.  And the system flourishes, regardless of the amount of abuse heaped on the People as many still believe that this system still works or that it can be fixed.

The painful truth is that we exist on a farm.  And it is not a farm we own.  We don’t even manage the flock.  We are the sheep.  The farmer doesn’t want us thinking.  It’s not good for his farm to have sheep asking tough questions about his management and the results.  He just wants the sheep to shut up, be good give up the wool and make more sheep.

We are the flock.  And fleecing time is upon us again.  It’s time for the sheep to get their anger and their guns and live out the following, “…But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

That won’t fix this system but we can then hope to start over.  The choice today is between either a guaranteed life of slavery and then perhaps dying peacefully in your bed or possible winning true Freedom for your children at the cost of prison or even death.  You choose.  Be aware that even failing to choose is making a choice.

“Under a tyranny, freedom is destroyed by freedom of speech; a semblance of freedom is retained by silent acquiescence.”
                                                            De Bello Civili  Bk 3, 1. 145

I believe the first steps for men who would desire to be free is the acquisition of knowledge.  You must know who it is that desires your life energy.  You must know the tyrants who seek to rule over you and there are many of them.  You must understand the original (idealistic) plan for this nation and perhaps even embrace it.  Only then will you have the image in your mind of something worth fighting and even dying for.

“All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government, when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable. But almost all say that such is not the case now. But such was the case, they think, in the Revolution of '75.”
                                                            H.D. Thoreau
                                                            Resistance to Civil Government

This is an excellent point he makes.  Is it bad enough today to make the loss of life or so-called freedom necessary?  Are we more oppressed that those farmers who left their families and took up arms against the Crown?  This is a personal decision.  I cannot decide for you.  No man should make this choice for you.  You must look in the mirror and ask yourself exactly what you should do.  You must know for yourself what is the truth regarding your oppression and then you must choose where to stand in relationship to that truth.

I love the idea of America.  I embrace the personal responsibility involved in the choice to stand for Freedom and resist Tyranny.  I am personally aware of the futility of one man standing against an entrenched power such as exists in Washington DC.  Then I think of the solitary man standing in the path of ten main battle tanks during the Tainanmen Square events in China.  The driver and commander of that lead tank faced a personal decision: “Do I kill this man?” and he chose rightly.  Can we count on that choice from those sent to enforce the edicts of the national government?  No.  They have shown a willful disregard of human life and of the Rights codified and protected by the Bill of Rights.

Well, what can a man do in days like these?  Not many safe and also effective things.  Protest all you want.  Write, email, fax and call all you want.  Buy guns and every bullet they manufacture if you want.  Plaster your body with shirts and your vehicle with bumper sticker.  By all means, vote for the lesser of two evils.  But be aware, none of these things will make them do more than slowly tighten the controls on the flock.  None of these actions will change the fact that you are a slave.  And that your children are being raised to be slaves.

Men and women will have to be willing to kill and die to bring this to a head.

We must begin to position armed Americans in positions similar to those of the Minutemen in Lexington, where men stood in harm’s way as a trip line.  Imagine if there were 250 armed Americans standing on the next hill, watching everything the agents of the national government were up to in Waco.  Or at Ruby Ridge.  Things would have been different.

Should this be an organized effort?  No.  These events should be the actions of aware men and women who care to ensure that the Rights of all Americans be preserved.  They should be the actions of people with a personal vision of Freedom and are willing to lose theirs to bring that Freedom to their children.  These men and women should see the need and act, without waiting for an organization or some so-called leader to send them.  Just get up and go.

“This hand, to tyrants ever sworn the foe,
For Freedom only deals the deadly blow;
Then sheathes in calm repose the vengeful blade,
For gentle peace in Freedom’s hallowed shade.”
                                                            John Quincy Adams
                                                            Written in an album

Those men in Lexington may not have known what they did by standing armed in the face of the British Regulars but the effect was clear enough: They died on the Commons and the American people moved as a result.  Militia all over the area gathered and delivered a stunning blow to those sent by the tyrants to steal and oppress them.  Those people spoke through their actions and said, “No.” in clear and unequivocal terms: they provided the dead and wounded British soldiers sent to oppress them as evidence.  Their rejection of the Crown belied no misunderstanding. 

Our choice needs to speak just as clearly.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blurring the lines...

I had a great discussion with an ex-republican today and I was reminded of the recent following article by Pete Kofod:  

It clearly addresses the approach of a true repressive state in this once free land as we adapt from one where it was primarily the People vs. Those who would Rule over them.  This adds a third party to that equation which could unbalance the system far beyond where we sit today.

"The Praetorian Class includes members of the Armed Services, federal, state and local law enforcement personnel as well as numerous militarized officials including agents from the DEA, Immigrations, Customs Enforcement, Air Marshals, US Marshalls, and more. It also includes, although to a lesser extent, various stage actors in the expanding security theater such as TSA personnel. The main mission of the Praetorian Class is to keep the order of the day. This requires displaying an intimidating presence in their interactions with the Economic Class.
As the Praetorian Class ascends, the clear, albeit unstated, message that emerges is that actions and events in the Economic Class (i.e. us...) only occur with its tacit consent. Whether driving on roads, traveling in the air, visiting public land, walking down the street or even living in your own home, every action you take is predicated on its permission. By preconditioning the populace to enforcement of its edicts, most of which are completely arbitrary, the Praetorian Class sets itself up for a high degree of autonomy in its actions. This is confirmed by the fact that consequences for malfeasance within the Praetorian Class are almost never observed, and when it happens, it typically becomes a grotesque spectacle in which one of their own is sacrificed as an example, so as to keep appearances of effective internal controls."

Nice.  Gunwalker anyone?

It also ties in nicely with the following report I spotted last night on Sipsey Street:

"...the dangers faced by civilian LEAs in the U.S. have been constantly escalating. Many criminals are equipped with fully automatic weapons and in some areas conducting small-unit operations. The response to these threats requires additional SOF-like civilian units within LEAs."

"...Historically the functions of the military and LEAs have been legally different. Based on concerns
about the misuse of the overwhelming power that military elements wield, the Posse Comitatus Act was passed. Specifically, this act prohibits the use of federal military forces inside the domestic boundaries of the U.S. except for certain exigent circumstances, and it requires Presidential authority to invoke the provisions set forth. However, events of the past decade have brought increased dangers to all Americans and a near blurring of the lines between law enforcement and military operations."

"On the side of LEAs, threats to local police have escalated with more sophisticated weapons having been introduced on the streets of our cities."

I'm wondering what exactly he is referring to here.  There is a statistically minute amount of crime done with non-standard weapons (Those being full auto or regulated).

"Local and international gangs have precipitated a level of violence in some precincts that is unparalleled in our nation’s history, even dating to the notorious crime syndicates of the early 20th century. The response by many LEAs has been to organize and train specialized units, commonly called SWAT teams, which often have capabilities to perform operations that bear striking resemblance to small unit military operations."

"Conversely, many SOF units, especially those functioning in Iraq, now operate in a combat environment under unprecedented constraints. Only a few years ago, who would have thought that military units would be required to obtain warrants before apprehending high-value targets, or involved in securing and documenting forensic evidence, let alone testifying in foreign civilian courts. Yet the time has come—that is, legal requirements are the new norm, and the convergence of SOF and LEAs is easily observable."

"Among the driving forces that inspire this similitude (Between SOF and SWAT) is the penchant to define terrorism as an extension of criminal activities."

Both articles are describing different symptoms of the oncoming tyrant's rule.  The question in my mind is what should or even what can be done before this is firmly emplaced in our communities?  I wonder how typical Law Enforcers would react to being challenged on the clear need for our Peace Officers to be fully integrated into the communities they protect.  They are meant to be part of us, raised up from with the ranks of the People to provide for the protection of the People and their Rights.

Stanislaus County police agencies acquire surplus military equipment
Read more here: