Friday, May 4, 2012

I learned a painful lesson today.

A couple of days ago someone died.  He was a man I only knew from a few videos and some assumptions.  Based on my flawed image of him I had given him a certain amount of respect.  He was doing something productive and seemed to be doing it well.  His name was JT Ready and I did not know who he really was.

When I heard of his death, I was leery of the initial story as it was being told in the media.  I have grown over the last few years to mistrust the “official story” of many things as presented by the media.  Often the story we are told is either completely wrong or far enough from the truth to be considered misinformation.

Today I spent some time online watching interviews and speeches given by Ready and I was horrified.  The man was clearly racially motivated in his actions.  His actions at Occupy Phoenix and on the border with US Border Patrol (not the agency but a private militia) I felt were doing the right thing and I assumed that his motivations were similar to mine, i.e. ensuring the security of future American’s Rights.  Instead he saw the border issue as an “invasion” of a lesser species.  His actual motivations regarding Occupy remain to be determined in my mind.  While I have serious issues with illegal immigration it is not a racial issue with me.

So, while still don't trust the story we are being told of his death, I clearly can no longer support his actions either while in the Arizona desert or online spouting racist craziness.  I mourn for his little girl and the others that died a could days ago regardless of the actual situation.   

So the lesson learned: Know someone before you assign their motives or any respectability.

Our creator made us all and Jesus died for all of us, regardless of skin color.

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